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Going to the cinema for the first time in I don’t know how long. Going to watch Nomadland, the trailer looks awesome

Upgrading this mastodon instance. Hopefully with minimal downtime 🤞

His apartment evacuation, he continued, “was just a preview of what was to come.” After the avalanches, the town found that nearly 140 residences were in an avalanche danger zone, as were university dorms and tourist hostels. “Suddenly, you're talking about housing for about 20 percent of the population wiped out,” Sabbatini said. “All due to climate. That's just staggering.”

“…it’s quite clear that the FOSS community in Europe is much stronger than in America. In the United States, capitalism is the secular religion, and my values, in FOSS and otherwise, are incompatible with the American ethos.” – @ddevault

We are looking for software developers!

If you live in or would like to relocate to Germany, it might be for you.

We do mostly JS w/ types and Java but also a lot of other things.

There's a lot of freedom and we don't suck.

You can write GPL code for a living!

boosts welcome!

“An incomplete list of skills senior engineers need, beyond coding - by Camille Fournier - Jun, 2021 - Medium”

Listening to Kafvka non stop since I found about them … and it has made me miss Berlin so much 😭 … a part of my heart will always live in “never land”

Commuting to the office after what feels like forever … mixed feelings

If you're NOT a part of the global rich, not working for big tech, or marginalized in any way, please try and fill this in if you can.

#StackOverflow #Survey #Software

I only discovered the music of during these past few weeks. What an inspiring creative force and political champion #FreePalestine

Ich habe mal einen Einführungskurs zur Webprogrammierung bei edX gemacht. Da gings in der 3 Stunde oder so um Romote Code Injection. Dass man damit bei der #LucaApp das Gesundheitsamt platt machen kann, spricht einfach (erneut) für maximale Unsorgsamkeit.

Modded my x270: Now I can charge it via USB-C and still have the built-in USB-C port available for other stuff.

It’s this mod by mikepdiy:
(It fits perfectly fine, the gap is from my broken bottom cover.)

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I'd love to share this virtual home with a few like-minded individuals. While everyone is welcome to apply (accepted languages: es, en, de, eo), I'll ask that you share a bit about yourself to see if we'd be a good fit. You can of course, read my bio and toots to see if you'd enjoy joining.