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I only discovered the music of during these past few weeks. What an inspiring creative force and political champion #FreePalestine

Ich habe mal einen Einführungskurs zur Webprogrammierung bei edX gemacht. Da gings in der 3 Stunde oder so um Romote Code Injection. Dass man damit bei der #LucaApp das Gesundheitsamt platt machen kann, spricht einfach (erneut) für maximale Unsorgsamkeit.

Modded my x270: Now I can charge it via USB-C and still have the built-in USB-C port available for other stuff.

It’s this mod by mikepdiy:
(It fits perfectly fine, the gap is from my broken bottom cover.)

In April last year an announcement from Twitter caught my eye. It seemed a harbinger of things to come.

A year on and the ramifications have rippled beyond that platform to AWS, Google Play and the list goes on as gatekeepers remove that which they deem dangerous.

The question however is are they only removing that which is dangerous and false, or also that which is dangerous and true?

Since telework was mandatory in Belgium, I became even more sedentary. Since May 1st I’ve been trying to get more active by taking long walks in the evening. So far, I’ve walked 160 Kms!!! It’s impressive how much we can achieve, if we commit to consistently do something on a daily basis.

This week we discovered the botanical garden in Ghent. Can’t believe this gorgeous place is just a 20 min walk from our place 😍

Uhm, that didn't take long:

"Freenode IRC operators now engaging in routine abuses of power"

Or, is there a community hosting something like #Plausible as a co-op or something? That might be more doable for me, to contribute a bit of time and a bit of money.

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just heard that the CDC announced that fully vaccinated users are safe to connect to their bank's website without HTTPS

Got some BIG new on the #Apple Accessibility front! Check out AssistiveTouch for Watch, Image Explorer for VoiceOver and SO MUCH MORE! It’s a HUGE year for #accessibility.

Could not be more proud to work on this team!

Preparing a TDD workshop for my colleagues ... I always find a lot of joy in this kind of work 😊

The OSS bubble that is and the blogging bubble that was – Baldur Bjarnason

“The biggest problem—and this isn’t limited to web development—is how it has baked exploitation into the core worldview of so many people.”

Me, on the OSS bubble in web dev

Are you ready for in car ads? No, not on your radio (while you listen)!

Ford patented new advertisement system using cameras outside (for parking etc) to bring the billboard right into your car for you.

#Advertising #IoT #Cameras #Ford #Tech #privacy

I love how Belgians keep on living, no matter if it's pouring outside.

Last week I did the first upgrade to my when I added an NVMe SSD and configured to boot from it. I wrote a blog post about it

This was day 8 of

I can’t believe it took me so long to find out about this book and read it. It’s definitely going to my favorites list.

Weird - writing a Paypal scams article for a client (how to avoid them, not how to do them) and using Google docs because that’s what the client uses, when suddenly…

This item has been flagged as inappropriate and can no longer be shared

Which is odd.

I’m guessing Google scans the documents for known spammy /scammy phrases?

Yet another reason I don’t use Google unless I have to…

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I'd love to share this virtual home with a few like-minded individuals. While everyone is welcome to apply (accepted languages: es, en, de, eo), I'll ask that you share a bit about yourself to see if we'd be a good fit. You can of course, read my bio and toots to see if you'd enjoy joining.