It’s been a while since I’ve used my big tech social networks and I’m quite happy I took that decision. There’s way too much negativity going on there … however, with all the Mastodon for iOS app “conversation” going on in the fediverse, I feel like the negativity is also here and it’s here to stay. I really wished people didn’t have to behave like this online. So much hatred. The fediverse might be nice but I’m convinced it’s not the end goal.

Just published detailed MNT Reform assembly instructions with source/spec links of parts:

@uint8_t I know what you mean, I’ve move every two years and it’s exhausting … but last time my brother helped me load the truck and drive from Berlin to Ghent and we had one of our best trips together. I hope everything went well!

@celia The one thing I struggle with apple is that they make a good job making you want to use more of their products and it’s such a crazy expense in the long run … but then again it’s everyone’s decision

M1 does look interesting, I’d totally want to try it, but my current company just gave me a previous generation MBP with intel chip so I guess I’ll have to wait until my next gig

@celia I’ve been using macs for work for the past 11 years and will continue doing so. For personal work and time I use Linux machines. I think it’s a good balance

Also FOSS and macs can coexist. For example I worked on SUSE Linux which is a foss company and there was one project where we had to use a Mac for the development. And designers were on macs so if someone out there thinks that all foss is built solely on Linux better think twice 😉

This is the most ridiculous C64 demo ever and it was just released. You need to watch this.

@tychi I’ve been saying this kind of stuff for a while just to get a “look” from people. But if M$ tracks people’s “productivity on 360, what makes us think it’s not going to happen with GitHub? Anyway … I wish I wasn’t this far sowe could meet and chat man

hi. it is me again.

decided to take one last stab at microsoft on the internet before they never hear from me again.

seriously though, if you have the same nightmares as me, i'd love to meet up.

@celia this is one of the hardest thing to learn … if you have the chance to join the hiring team in your current organization that could make it easier cuz then you’ll be part of the salary and compensation conversations and realize how things get actually decided most of the time

Going to the cinema for the first time in I don’t know how long. Going to watch Nomadland, the trailer looks awesome

@robert same here, super smooth process and just down for a few seconds while restarting the web server

Upgrading this mastodon instance. Hopefully with minimal downtime 🤞

His apartment evacuation, he continued, “was just a preview of what was to come.” After the avalanches, the town found that nearly 140 residences were in an avalanche danger zone, as were university dorms and tourist hostels. “Suddenly, you're talking about housing for about 20 percent of the population wiped out,” Sabbatini said. “All due to climate. That's just staggering.”

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