This week we discovered the botanical garden in Ghent. Can’t believe this gorgeous place is just a 20 min walk from our place 😍

I love how Belgians keep on living, no matter if it's pouring outside.

I can’t believe it took me so long to find out about this book and read it. It’s definitely going to my favorites list.

MNT DIY serial number 000006 reporting for duty.

All system operational.

cc @mntmn

Just got my MNT Reform 2 operators handbook. This thing is mint! superb work by @mntmn and associates. Can’t wait to to get my hands on the DIY kit.

When my wife is out, I get naughty and use my DasKeyboard with cherry MX blue on her desk ... She absolutely hates this baby


I'd love to share this virtual home with a few like-minded individuals. While everyone is welcome to apply (accepted languages: es, en, de, eo), I'll ask that you share a bit about yourself to see if we'd be a good fit. You can of course, read my bio and toots to see if you'd enjoy joining.