MNT DIY serial number 000006 reporting for duty.

All system operational.

cc @mntmn

@meeper @mntmn the build quality is outstanding in my opinion and the entire process of building it was FUN, like I'm just finding an excuse to open it again to do an upgrade 😅 ... I'll write a blog post to share my opinion in more detail though


How did it go for you? I nearly managed to damage the speaker cable because it wasn't going through the intended hole and so squeezed between frame and keyboard pcd for a moment or two.. 🙈


@cryptix @mntmn the only issue I had was with the instruction on how to connect the display. I wasn't able to figure out what it meant with "the white dot must point in the direction of the display" and of course I got it wrong the first time but fortunately that didn't seem to break anything so I just re opened it and flipped it

@mauro @mntmn right..! I also just went on a hunch that it has to mean ".. when folded up" because closed its below the connector, not to either side.. but it was confusing indeed :D

@cryptix @mntmn yeah I guess this is more obvious once you work more with hardware ... but all across the process I was telling myself, Lukas didn't put an exclamation mark or a warning at this step so you can probably fix it if you make a mistake

@mauro @cryptix thanks for this feedback btw! i should update the DIY manual for the next batch!

@mntmn @cryptix one thing I just noticed: the key that with the double quote and quote is inverted, it should be quote and double quote in that order

@mauro legit only takes one screwdriver to make that? Good work.

@SkinnyFeels yes, it's all it takes to put it together, though I'm pretty sure if you really want to hack on it you probably need some soldering skills and what not. But for a guy who doesn't do hardware at all, this was a good first experience I'd say :p

@SkinnyFeels yes debian ... which I haven't really used before but I have some experience with Ubuntu so not too worried about that ... Sway on the other hand will take a lot more time to get used to, but it looks really nice so I want to give it a shot

@mauro thanks for answering my questions. Looks like a really good bit of kit.

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