I’ve been using for about a year and I’ve noticed that while using it, I feel more positive (and less negative) emotions than when I use my other SNs.

The other big impact I’ve noticed is on my time, as I generally I don’t see myself sucked into my timeline

I can only assume this is partly caused by the people I follow here, vs the ones I follow there but I can only wonder, how much of it, is the result of these other networks exploiting user engagement at any cost?


About 2 years ago, I decided to remove FB from my phone and only access it on a special browser on 1 devise. When I took this decision I was afraid of the effect it could have on my network there (most of them friends & family from my home town & not available in other networks). However I can safely say the effects have been only positive (especially on the anxiety department) and the fears were nothing but fears. I can still communicate with people there whenever I really want to do so.

For this reason, I’ve decided I’m going to start doing the same experiment for all SNs and only keep Mastodon and WhatsApp (not exited about this on but needed to be able to communicate with my close family) easily accessible at all times.

I also want to experiment with having a second phone (an old device without a SIM card) to be my social media device and see what kind of effect this has on me. Any other suggestions and recommendations are welcome

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