This was my first week trying the keto diet. I'm doing this not to lose weight but to see if helps me with psoriasis. So far it seems to have a positive effect so I will continue for at least 2 more weeks but I find it impressive how fast it made me lose 2kg and reduce my body fat by 0.3%

Is there any camera app that by default hides/pixelates people faces?

Today I figured out that my growing interest for minimalism could be a coping mechanism for the material culture we live in. The hard part is that we’re constantly bombarded to keep buying, so it’s also common to find myself wanting something else that I don’t need or thinking that some of this consumerism is “needed” for progress. I wonder if we actually become minimalists in such a society without becoming hermits or pariahs?

There should be some rule that every day with good weather is automatically a holiday

When asked about fears of automation in 1969, Arthur C. Clarke famously said that we shouldn't worry about automation: "the goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play." I have never seen his answer quoted in full.

Last year, we spent 51 days at sea during the passage from Japan to Canada, it was the hardest thing we had ever done. We kept a physical logbook of daily happenings onboard. This is that logbook, revised, and with a ton of extra notes.

Dear OpenBSD friends, are you interested in a French OpenBSD VM offer like @OpenBSDAms based in Paris? 🐡​🐡​🐡​

“Somewhere at Google there is a database containing 25 million books and nobody is allowed to read them.”

Mi proveedor de internet en Bélgica me da 750Gb al mes. Si me paso de esta cantidad, me bajan la velocidad a 10Mbps

 ¿Cuál será el limite/castigo en Suecia, Japón u otros países con aun mejor servicio de internet? 😂

Outreachy May to August internship applications are open! Outreachy is:

💵 Paid - $6,000 USD total internship stipend

🌍 Remote - both interns and mentors work remotely

🕰 3 months - internships run May 24 to August 24

🚨 Apply by February 22 at 4pm UTC

Outreachy supports diversity in open source software!

Past interns are:

♀️ 92% women

🏳️‍🌈 4% transgender, genderqueer, or non-binary people

🧕🏾 64% people of color

🧑🏿 12% people from a historically disadvantaged caste or tribe

Baby steps towards this project,
Community of Spanish speaking game developers :)

Google has suspended Element (@matrix) from the Play Store for "Sexual Content and Profanity". Basically same story as with Subway Tooter a while back. Element is to Matrix as Chrome is to the web. Curiously, Chrome is still on the Play Store.

Insights on work and creativity from the life of mathematician Claude Shannon, the most influential figure you’ve never heard of

Broke my mastodon installation web view when upgrading to 3.3.0 :/

It should be a felony to sell fruits packed in plastic instead of their natural package

Turns out my test was by mistake confused to be positive but was negative :D … no more quarantine, and now I already set myself to change some habits so win win

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If this is your beverage of choice, let me recommend a Flat White with oat milk. Oat milk is sweet enough but you can add some sugar while you adapt and after a while you’ll be able to enjoy the real taste of coffee better

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Got given some Starbucks Caffè Latte cold beverage (this cannot seriously be called a coffee) because I won’t be able to use the kitchen to brew my coffee this week. Looking at the label it says this shit has 17g of sugar.

I know my personal preference of black coffee is not going to be the same for everyone, but 17g is way too much sugar! No wonder why people are obese.

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I'd love to share this virtual home with a few like-minded individuals. While everyone is welcome to apply (accepted languages: es, en, de, eo), I'll ask that you share a bit about yourself to see if we'd be a good fit. You can of course, read my bio and toots to see if you'd enjoy joining.